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These healistic soap bars are hand made with love, consisting of natural ingredients. These soaps feature Bri Moss (Jamaican Sea Moss AKA Genus Gracilaria), which contains citrulline-arginine, releasing amino acids to synthesize collagen in the skin.  Sea Moss is great for skin conditions such as eczema and psorisis. Honey is added for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and I also add Shea Butter and Black Seed Oil, to keep the skin moisturized. The soaps are then topped with herbs or grains, such as flowers buds and apriot kernels, for a rich exfoliating experience, all combined, with your heaing in mind.


You can add love to your skin when you use a Bri Moss soap bar by adding intention while cleansing with your soap. Try visualizing yourself physically washing away bad energy, negative and unwanted feelings, low vibrational thought patterns, and even soul ties.


These bars are intended to cleanse your body with a purpose to nourish not only your skin, but also your mind, and spirit.






Bri Moss Soap Bar


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